The drama continues at Lennox School District

thTonight the Lennox School District board of trustees will reconvene and discuss issues surrounding the Lennox Math, Science and Technology Academy.  You will recall, the schools principal, Armando Mena, says he was forced to allow LSD trustee Mercedes Ibarra’s daughter to walk for graduation, despite be academically ineligible.

When Armando Mena tendered resignation and took a position to lead City Honors in Inglewood, parents caused a ruckus and demanded Lennox officials make the charter independent.  Mena would then quit the Inglewood USD position within days of starting and returned back to Lennox.

Many charter schools are not required to follow the Education Code with many charters, City Honors included, that do not have some classes on campus, which requires IUSD to create agreements with El Camino and LA Southwest Colleges.  Classes IUSD requested for City Honors students are:

  •  Administration of Justice 100;
  • Child Development 103;
  • Human Development 5;
  • Sign Language 15, and
  • Theater Appreciation 103

Parents aren’t questioning why the classes don’t include math, English or history.  Parents aren’t asking why classes are only being ordered for City Honors and NOT to the students at Inglewood and Morningside.   Apparently, upper management IUSD officials and an advisory board members children attend City Honors.

Administration needs to stick to providing an EQUITABLE education system, for all children, and not being pressured to perform “favors” for those either elected and/or employees of the district.

Lennox School District is holding a “study session” on the charter and is not expected to make a decision tonight.


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