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FCMAT report shows no growth in Inglewood Unified School District

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FCMAT aka the Fiscal Crisis and Management Team has produced their annual assessment for Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) and once again, it shows that IUSD is not addressing the concerns outlined in their findings.  Many high-ranking employees, who were directly involved in addressing the concerns, have found themselves out of a job and the district is […]

What excuse will Dr. Brann use next?

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Several key employees of the Inglewood Unified School District continue to be purged from their employment just as they are due to report corrections identified in the FCMAT report.  How can the report be completed and IUSD given a chance at returning to local control if the corrections can’t be made?  Is Dr. Brann purposely […]

Inglewood FCMAT report slams the IUSD school district

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Inglewood FCMAT-  The Inglewood Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) has finally released their long awaited review of the Inglewood Unified School District.  It is a sad and pathetic read to know the Board Members and Administrators suckered Inglewood residents out of their property taxes and simultaneously failed our children. You may read the […]


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