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Inglewood area ministers aren’t happy with Sen. Holly Mitchell

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Inglewood area ministers have their boxers in a bunch.  As the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) was removed from local control, to state conservatorship, the group was relatively quiet on the subject, given that one of the former IUSD board members is also a minister associated with the group.  They have expressed no disappointment in […]


Inglewood Unified School District spent school funds for Arnold Butler’s campaign

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Finally the truth is coming out about what has been going on behind closed doors within the Inglewood Unified School District. KPCC is reporting that Inglewood officials spent money for the children to prevent Arnold Butler from loosing the election.  Is Arnold Butler headed for a corruption trial of his own?  He says he doesn’t know anything.  […]


IUSD Decade of Decline: In Summation

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2UrbanGirls has given a detailed retrospective regurgitating allegations aimed at the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) advisory board members over the past several years.  2UrbanGirls has also examined the Measure K Bond Oversight Committee, who by the way is meeting next Monday at 5:30pm, on how Inglewood‘s taxpayers dollars were wasted and abused.


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