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Congressional District 44 race enters final stretch

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2016 has to be one of the best election cycles this past decade.  Voters are more aware and engaged on some issues thanks to social media and other non traditional outlets, like this blog.  Mainstream media still plays a pivotal role in ensuring voters are up on the latest campaign news.  In a recent Daily […]

Former Inglewood Unified Trustee files to run for local city council

Former state appointed trustee to the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) has filed papers to run for the upcoming April election in the city of El Segundo.  They are also a former council member for the same city.

Word on the Streets: Hawthorne

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The City of Hawthorne is all in a presumably timely uproar over the musings of Sandy Mazza of the Daily Breeze.  There is no love lost between 2 Urban Girls and Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown but we believe his woes are calculated by someone who appears to be headed to the November elections against him.  […]

Local newspaper prevents LAWA contracts approval

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Good job to the staff over at the Daily Breeze due to their investigation and revelations of the perks received by Los Angeles World Aiports (LAWA) contractors.  Yesterday, LAWA commissioners failed to approve $200 million contracts as a direct result of their work.  

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