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L.A. County Sheriff says we are less safe due to Prop 47 passing

According to L.A. County Sheriff, Jim McDonnell, Californians are less safe than we were, a year ago, due to the passage of Proposition 47.  Voters passed Prop 47 November 3, 2014, which reduced sentences for certain crimes.  The Prop 47 campaign had huge support in South LA and was spearheaded by the Community Coalition aka CoCoSouthLA, the […]

Compton residents respond to the mayors first State of the City

Will Compton residents receive all of their money back from this production?  With growing dissent among the City of Compton residents, they remain divided on their perceptions of Mayor Aja Brown’s first two years in office.  They are forced to make a tough decision.  Believe their own eyes or succumb to the mayor’s vision?  From […]


City of Compton State of the City is today

Does a conflict of interest exist, when taxpayers are paying for the facility and staff, to host events for their mayors nonprofit?  As Compton Mayor Aja Brown prepares to address the rising crime, issues surrounding public safety and modified emergency services, at the late night event, questions have arisen as to who has rented the […]


City of Compton seeks to expand surveillance of residents

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City of Compton proposed a resolution to direct the city manager to increase surveillance throughout the city. This program is designed to utilize vehicle license plate reading software, that assists law enforcement in comparing license plates, in their database, that require “attention”. A resolution to amend the current agreement and rescind Resolution 24,114 was introduced […]


Is crime back up in Compton

National Association for Equal Justice in America (NAEJA) has been credited with working on reducing the murder rate in Compton by as much as 70 percent within the last five years has warned of a dangerous escalation in recent gang killings.


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