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Former L.A. Dodger, turned mayor sentenced for corruption

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There is a false perception that wealth negates corruption.  Former LA Dodger turned Mayor of San Cristobal (Dominican Republic) Raul Mondesi proved that is a lie.  Mondesi was sentenced to 8 years in prison when an audit of city finances showed a $3.9 million dollar discrepancy.

Former Sheriff denied trial venue change

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Judge denies motion to move Baca trial By André Coleman 11/03/2016 After serving as one of Los Angeles County’s highest ranking law enforcement officials since the late 1990s, Lee Baca will be tried here in December on charges that he obstructed justice and lied to federal investigators.    

Will former Sheriff Lee Baca be granted immunity

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Will Sheriff Lee Baca admit he gave the orders to hide the FBI’s jail informant?  Recently filed court documents, by the attorney of former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, reveals Tanaka is requesting immunity for his former boss, in exchange for his testimony during Tanaka’s upcoming trial.  This is a significant and not surprising request.  There has yet […]


Former CA state senator pleads guilty to racketeering

A former state senator pleads guilty to one count of racketeering.  U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is looking into violations of the Muhammad Ali Act.  A popular boxing and concert promoter is hit with multiple multi-million antitrust lawsuits and you can now catch a case for “backseat driving”.

Louisiana Purchased Series: One Year Later

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This month marks the one year anniversary of the highly successful investigative news series titled “Louisiana Purchased”.  The Times-Picayune Newspaper, partnered with FOX 8 news, to conduct a four-month long investigation, which originally aired in November 2013.  The #LAPurchased series explored the power of the money behind campaign contributions, to elected officials and what donors […]

Inglewood Unified School District spent school funds for Arnold Butler’s campaign

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Finally the truth is coming out about what has been going on behind closed doors within the Inglewood Unified School District. KPCC is reporting that Inglewood officials spent money for the children to prevent Arnold Butler from loosing the election.  Is Arnold Butler headed for a corruption trial of his own?  He says he doesn’t know anything.  […]


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