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ICEF Public Schools Announces Plans to Build $19.8 Million State-of-the-Art Campus in South L.A.

ICEF has announced receiving a grant from the California School Finance Authority totaling $19.8 million dollars.  This will allow the contstruction of a new 54,000 square-foot campus to house View Park Preparatory Elementary and Middle schools.   ICEF expects to move into the new school during the 2015-16 school year.

Pearson Education Foundation forced to shut down

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The Pearson Foundation paid a fine, in 2013, in the amount of $7.7 million due to their breaking state law to pay for travel expenses, of potential clients, to educational conferences.    The educational conferences were for Common Core related development.  Who are the potential clients?  Local school districts are.   As a direct result o […]

Inglewood Unified School District State Administrator misleads Inglewood community

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Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) state appointed administrator Dr. Don Brann recently made news when it was revealed IUSD employees went on a training that cost the district $38k.  Dr. Brann publicly claimed he did not know why/how it was spent.  2UrbanGirls does.


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