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Hawthorne City Clerk inadvertently exonerates former mayor to urge support of sales tax increase

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The city of Hawthorne is running a deficit and City Clerk Norb Huber wants residents to vote yes on Mesaure HH to raise the city’s sales tax.  His reasoning leads this blogger to believe the accusations leveled at the city’s first African-American Mayor Chris Brown, were bogus and exploited to oust him as mayor due […]


Will Hawthorne residents follow Compton’s lead re: increased sales tax

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After allegedly balancing the city budget, and welcoming many new businesses, Hawthorne Mayor Alex Vargas and city council will possibly seek the public’s vote to raise the city sales tax from 9.25% to 10.25%.  Why are city leaders so eager to tax residents?  Was the mayor lying to constituents about the city being solvent during last […]

Will the city of Hawthorne allow medicinal marijuana use instead

Marijuana lobbyists won’t be happy about this.  On December 13, 2016, the Hawthorne mayor and city council unanimously passed Resolution No. 7872, declaring a moratorium on the establishment of non medicinal marijuana use in the city.  The moratorium is set to expire on January 27, 2017.  The city will receive a report at tomorrow’s city […]

Investigation reveals Hawthorne mayoral candidate acted inappropriately with city staff

Alex Vargas has sat on the Hawthorne city council since 2009.  He was elected via a successful grassroots campaign that allowed him to become re-elected to a second term.  He is currently campaigning for mayor, on a platform of bringing transparency to Hawthorne residents.  What Vargas has failed to be transparent about is astonishing.  In […]

Hawthorne mayor caught telling the truth

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Whoop there it is.  It looks like the Hawthorne mayor is on the road to redemption.  After declaring he donated his mayoral stipend back to the city coffers, it was met with some skepticism.  Good news is, it appears Mayor Chris Brown is telling the truth.  A public records request has confirmed he has forfeited […]


Blind Item: City of Hawthorne

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Is it a friend of yours?  With the November election weeks away, 2 Urban Girls was able to confirm shenanigans going on in the city of “good neighbors”.  Apparently a multiple term elected official, who is currently campaigning, has been too neighborly with city employees.  Allegations of harassment can be heard around the South Bay.  A […]

Local news reports gang shooting in Inglewood

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Today all major local news media outlets reported about a “possible” gang shooting, that occured in the 11700 block of Crenshaw Blvd.  They also incorrectly reported the shooting occurring in the City of Inglewood.  The shooting took place on the eastside of Crenshaw Blvd. Why can’t the NEWS get it straight what city they are in?  The City […]


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