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State administrators allowed Inglewood Unified to be out of compliance with state requirements

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July 1, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed a trailer bill called Assembly Bill 86.  AB 86 allowed retirees, who were appointed by the state to lead trouble school districts, would still be allowed to collect both their full pension and a six figure salary.  Dr. Don Brann was the only person in the state of California […]

1500 or Nothin’ Entertainment Launch Music School

On Friday November 13, 2015, 1500 or Nothin will Launch the program at City Honors High School, 120 Regent, Inglewood California 12-­‐1pm. 1500 or Nothin CEO Larrance Dopson, will host a meet and greet and Q&A.  Student surveys and other activities will take place during the  lunch hour. 

What’s going on inside Inglewood’s City Honors High School

What is going on inside of Inglewood Unified’s City Honors Preparatory Academy?  City Honors quietly and voluntarily forfeited their right to remain a charter school as of 7/1/2014.  Documents submitted and received by the California Department of Education (CDE) served as notification, City Honors would no longer function as a dependent charter, within the Inglewood […]


Inglewood’s City Honors is a mess

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City Honors (CH), the dependent charter high school, within Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) finds themselves in quite a pickle.  Apparently the staff and counselors are jeopardizing the education of students attending, as indicated by the recent board agenda for El Camino College (ECC).  On Thursday, January 15th, the ECC Board of Trustees unanimously approved […]


Monroe Magnet Middle School rolls out the red carpet for 1st day of school

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  Inglewood Unified School District is back in session.  State administrator Dr. Don Brann has made some changes during the summer, that has enrollment numbers up and parents happy their children have returned to school.

Tom Torlakson’s decision don’t make a damn bit of sense

Here we go.  Students protesting against Inglewood Unified School District is becoming an all too familiar sighting.  Morningside High School students protested in May over their principal and now City Honors students are protesting over a lack of leadership at the school.  All of these decisions of “reorganizing” came as directives from Tom Torlakson via former […]


State releases K-12 school rankings

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The state on Friday released its annual list of K-12 school rankings based on student performance on standardized tests, revealing little in the way of surprise for the South Bay and Harbor Area, where nearly 60 percent of the schools surpassed the statewide average.

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