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Are Jim Dear’s days numbered

Jim Dear has sat on the Carson city council since 2004.  He served as mayor until 2015, when he resigned after being elected city clerk.  Community members, along with a known political strategy company, have successfully launched a recall campaign, which has a special election date set for February 23, 2016.

Has the Carson City Clerk gone mad

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Long serving City of Carson elected, Jim Dear, is back causing controversy as the city courts the National Football League (NFL).  After once proposing to ban a local newspaper, he is now cozying up to them, in an attempt to defame the city he claims to love.  Now why is Jim Dear avoiding certifying the […]

Best kept secret in the City of Compton

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April 16, 2013, the City of Compton held elections for various public offices.  Treasurer candidate, Jasper Jackson, ran against the incumbent, Douglas Sanders, who has held the seat for over a decade, and lost.  Sanders father was the cities previous city treasurer before he passed away.


Satra Zurita kicks off her campaign this Saturday in Compton

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Kicking off her campaing for City Clerk of Compton, you are invited to attend her kick off this weekend, and oh yes, refreshments will be served!  RSVP are encouraged!

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