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Compton residents continue to clap back at City Hall

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Compton residents continue to sound off in their hometown newspaper.  Residents have submitted another seething article to the Compton Herald regarding their issue with the Wilmington Ave. Port Access Plan.  Residents want to know when and how Wilmington became a designated truck route.  Unfortunately the blame is being placed on Mayor Aja Brown who had […]


Neighborhood Integrity Initiative message is confusing

After taking office in 2013, City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti got busy appointing his supporters to key city commissions.  As the city prepares to fight the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, which forces the city to follow their own rules for development, it has emerged one of the mayor’s commission appointees, has pledged their support […]


Compton residents respond to the mayors first State of the City

Will Compton residents receive all of their money back from this production?  With growing dissent among the City of Compton residents, they remain divided on their perceptions of Mayor Aja Brown’s first two years in office.  They are forced to make a tough decision.  Believe their own eyes or succumb to the mayor’s vision?  From […]


Carson mayor downplays sites contamination

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Appearing on The Beast 980 AM with Fred Roggin, Carson Mayor Albert Robles downplayed the contamination of the site during the midday broadcast.  In addition to being the mayor of Carson, CA, Robles is also on the board of the Water Replenishment District.  He is also a lawyer.  Robles also revealed the contaminated land was […]

Letter to the Editor: Carson Landfill & CEQA

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Our CEQA series has generated quite a buzz.  The article re: Developing on closed landfills examined the process for closing a landfill and corresponding remediation efforts to perform continued air and water quality monitoring.  Thank you Mr. Roche!

Daily Breeze clears up the confusion about the Carson stadium deal

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2 Urban Girls  has embarked on an ongoing discussion of environmental concerns associated with developing on contaminated land.  In today’s Daily Breeze Vincent Bonsignore wrote an article titled “Clearing up some questions about Carson stadium project” which addresses “confusion” surrounding the site and if the Sand Diego Chargers are really buying it or not.

Cities Seize Chances to Avoid CEQA Review through Voter Initiatives

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Continuing in our series of looking at the potential effects of residents when the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is avoided through voter initiatives.  Two successful initiatives recently passed in Los Angeles County in the City of Carson and Inglewood.  2 Urban Girls received this article in our email written by a Los Angeles County […]

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