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Blind Item: Got Loyalty?

What’s loyalty?  This candidates lack of loyalty, could lead to their downfall.  Although they present in an articulate and charismatic fashion, many question their true intentions in the community.  So does 2 Urban Girls.


Congressional candidate gets NO love from their district

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Oh Izzy.  The latest fundraising efforts of Senator Isadore Hall III (D-Compton) reveals that only 8% of his campaign cash is coming from local supporters, while he is winning races with only 7% of registered voters voting for him.  Representing one of the poorer districts in California, it shows his decisioin making and votes, wont […]

Compton candidate shares his plan for his city

Bryan O. Parker is running for city council to represent the residents in District 4.  Residents have asked candidates to discuss how they are going to turn the city around, not what they want to see.  Bryan discusses his plan for the future of Compton.

Meet the Candidates: IUSD Advisory Board Seat #3

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  Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) has four seats up for grabs.  Melody Ngaue-Tuuholoaki is running for Seat #3 which is currently held by appointee Henry Brown.  Mr. Brown was appointed to the vacant seat at the January 21st board meeting.  Melody currently serves as the field representative for Long Beach councilman Al Austin and […]

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