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Democrat mayor opposes rent control in his city

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Is rent control a thing of the past?  A newly passed ordinance in the City of Richmond is facing opposition via a mystery sponsored petition.  The city’s mayor, Tom Butt, is opposed to rent control.  The mayor’s position on keeping rents stabilized for the residents is strange, especially considering he is a democrat.  The median […]

California Legislature sends balanced budget to Governor Jerry Brown

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  Hot off the desk of Asm. Mike Gipson, he is pleased to announce he and his colleagues have sent a balanced budget to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown for approval.  Congratulations to Children’s Defense Fund- CA executive director Alex Johnson for ensuring children, living in poverty, were a top priority.

Is it time to revisit Proposition 13 loopholes

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Brookfield Office Properties, which is in the midst of a major deal to purchase four downtown L.A. skyscrapers for $2.1 billion, is drawing fire from activists seeking to amend Proposition 13. They accuse the company of using a loophole in the law to escape paying tens of millions of dollars in property taxes on the Wells Fargo Tower, KPMG […]

The FORUM is hiring for additional positions

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As Madison Square Garden heads into the final stretch before the re-opening of the Forum in City of Champions, Inglewood, CA, key positions need to be filled prior to the scheduled 2014 opening.

Heads up, there’s a strike tomorrow

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If you follow 2UrbanGirls on Twitter, you would know that there has been a strike at a popular Mexican food restaurant in Gardena.  Tomorrow, fast food workers will strike nationwide.

Fundraiser tonight for Compton NAACP

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Come out today and support the Compton branch of the NAACP at a fundraiser at Chili’s in Carson, adjacent to the Carson Mall.  The fundraiser will be held from 11am-11pm.

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