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Sen. Steve Bradford retracts statement on Inglewood Police Shooting

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2 Urban Girls previously published an article on June 8th titled “Inglewood Senator supports Black Lives Matter via new legislation” where he stated his support of legislation to increase transparency of police agencies.  Sen. Bradford could not be reached for comment.

Jay Z’s donation to Black Lives Matter won’t reach Los Angeles

Last May, Dream Hampton let it be known that Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé, are supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. Having previously sent bail money for protestors in Baltimore and Ferguson, his music streaming service, Tidal, has announced a $1.5 million dollar donation to the cause.  Unfortunately, organizations in Los Angeles were not […]

Chicago Urban Leagues Responds to Resignation of Superintendent McCarthy

Conflicting stories have come out surrounding the city of Chicago’s chief of police, Garry McCarthy.  Across the pond, the DailyMail is reporting that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “ousted” the city’s chief while the Chicago Urban League released a statement on his “resignation”.  This is of concern seeing that if the chief did in fact “resign”, […]

Are activists contradicting their own message

A noted community activist has made local headlines for their disagreement with leaders of the Black Lives Matter- Los Angeles chapter.  As both sides want an end to the senseless deaths of African-Americans, they deliver that message, in opposing manners.  As one activist has chosen to vent their frustrations through the media, we wonder if […]

An Open Letter From Former Directors of Justice Together

November 13, 2015 You may have heard of us, but you likely do not know who we are. So, we would like to formally introduce ourselves. You likely never see us, because we are the people who work behind the scenes. You likely never hear about us, because we are the people who volunteer our […]


November 11, 2015- I have just recently learned that I am being attacked on social media by beleaguered community activist Najee Ali. Without access to Facebook and/or the ability to respond directly, I decided to respond in the form of an officially released statement. [Editor’s Note:  Najee Ali claims to have been assaulted by General […]

#BlackLivesMatter activist on the complexity of being black and gay

By Jorge Rivas for Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson took the stage at a San Francisco gala on Saturday and opened up about the complexities of being black and gay.

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