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Former Congressional staffer caught taking bribes inside of Compton City Hall

A felon’s son was recently arrested for taking bribes inside of Compton City Hall.  Congresswoman Jahn Hahn abruptly closed her office and residents thought Michael Kimbrew transferred.  These events took place as the allegations against Kimbrew rippled through the Hub City starting in 2015.

More on State Assembly candidate Autumn Burke

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2UrbanGirls regularly receives emails from the California Friends of the African-American Caucus.  The newsletter received today depicts a different side of Autumn Burke, than previously revealed.  Lynn Dymally, daughter of the late Merv Dymally, says she has earned the right to follow in her fathers footsteps, although while serving 10 years as board trustee for Compton Unified School District, $20 million […]

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