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Former Compton councilwoman elected to represent retirees

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Congratulations to friend of the blog, Ms. Barbara Calhoun.  Ms Calhoun has been a friend of the blog since this author lived in Compton and sought her support my transportation business.  She recently stood up at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, as a delegate of SEIU 721, meeting on behalf of union employees, […]

Compton Community College seeks new board trustee

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Due to the resignation of Compton Community College District Board President, Leslie Irving, a spot has opened up for Trustee Area #2, one of the key offices to represent the City of Compton.  This persons will be appointed and serve until the next election scheduled for 2017.   Four candidates have placed their names into […]

South Bay residents fight back

With an election around the corner and another in the not so distant future, the residents in the City’s of Compton and Hawthorne, are not happy with their leadership and are looking for new representation on the dais.  You have the mayor supporting a candidate the residents claim are lying about their background and another […]


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