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Investigation reveals Hawthorne mayoral candidate acted inappropriately with city staff

Alex Vargas has sat on the Hawthorne city council since 2009.  He was elected via a successful grassroots campaign that allowed him to become re-elected to a second term.  He is currently campaigning for mayor, on a platform of bringing transparency to Hawthorne residents.  What Vargas has failed to be transparent about is astonishing.  In […]

Sacramento mayor faces sexual harassment allegations

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City of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson finds himself in a full court press. The Sacramento Bee broke the story today that a city employee has filed a complaint alleging sexual harassment. She is seeking $200,000 in damages.  The city’s first black mayor was elected in 2008 but enjoyed a lengthy career in the National Basketball […]

Word on the Streets: Arnold Butler

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Not quite sure where this rumor started, but there has been an influx of searches, on the 2UrbanGirls blog, concerning Arnold Butler.  Here’s what we know.

Compton school board trustee arrested

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The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Compton school board trustee, Skyy Fisher, was arrested at his place of employment today, accused of a sex related crime.  Fisher, 31, is a recently elected school board member, who is in the middle of his first term.  

Why Inglewood doesn’t need LAUSD running our school district

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Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is full of Chester the Molesters! Students are going to school not realizing they are sexual prey for these deviant sons of bitches!  How many stories are broadcast about teachers molesting their students and administrators turning a blind eye?  Countless! 

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