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#ElectionWatch: Fact checking campaign promises

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Compton City Clerk Alita Godwin has worked in the same office for 33 years.  First appointed to the position in January 2004, Alita been elected by Compton residents since April 19, 2005.  Prior to the elections in 2013, Compton made the news for not being transparent and taking salaries during a month they held no […]


#ElectionWatch: Fact checking endorsements

It’s a great day in the city of Compton.  Compton School board trustee Satra Zurita has released a campaign flyer featuring a who’s who of elected officials supporting her for Compton City Clerk over incumbent, Alita Godwin.  For shits and giggles, 2 Urban Girls reached out to some of Zurita’s endorsers to find out why […]


Best kept secret in the City of Compton

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April 16, 2013, the City of Compton held elections for various public offices.  Treasurer candidate, Jasper Jackson, ran against the incumbent, Douglas Sanders, who has held the seat for over a decade, and lost.  Sanders father was the cities previous city treasurer before he passed away.


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