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2UrbanGirls endorses #Republican candidate for CA Secretary of State

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This endorsement was a no brainer.  Although I have attended a fundraiser for Secretary of State candidate Alex Padilla I have no choice but to endorse his opponent, Pete Peterson.  Before you get your panties/briefs in a bunch, I am neither a democrat nor do I automatically endorse their choices in candidates.  Many contributing factors […]

Official City of Inglewood 2013 Election Results

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The votes have been counted and certified and here is the official breakdown of votes for City of Inglewood candidates vying for seats in District 1 and District 2.  Approx. 5,300 residents voted.


Decade of Decline: Judy Dunlap Chronicles

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City of Inglewood residents, particularly those in District 2, are tired of the blight in their neighborhood.  City of Inglewood residents as a whole are tired of the ENTIRE city looking like a shit hole.  For the last decade we have seen a slow death of our beloved city.  For the last decade District 2 […]

Inglewood: Who do you support for District 2 Run-off

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