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Should the city of Compton replace its Successor Agency Director

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In September 2008 the Los Angeles Times revealed the city of Compton entered into an agreement with a crook named Tyrone Freeman.  The deal culminated with the development of the Alameda Court housing development.  The now defunct LONG TERM CARE HOUSING CORPORATION was given city owned land, for $1, and the city is being asked to forgive […]


Compton electeds to consider forgiving loan due by developer

Members of Compton city council will consider an agenda item, submitted by the Successor Agency, requesting loan forgiveness, for another developer.  Valued at approximately  $2 million dollars, the request is to prevent the property from going into foreclosure and displacing current residents .  Council will also vote on updating their travel policy.


Compton residents of Alameda Court sue developer, others

Owners of a City of Compton-sponsored affordable housing community known as Alameda Court, are accused of perpetrating an illegal ‘bait and switch’ scheme against its residents.  Tenants filed a lawsuit in early 2015, and have a jury trial scheduled to start October 2016 in Dept. 28 at 111 N. Hill St.


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