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Has the City of Los Angeles already awarded the low-income carshare contract

After Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced plans for a low-income carsharing program, funded by Cap & Trade monies, industry titans scrambled to put together proposals that meet the RFP requirements.  A huge component is having previous carsharing experience.  For full disclosure, this author is not attached to any of the proposals submitted.

Making the case to release Cap & Trade Funds

As urban communities continue to be plagued with a flawed transportation system, that allows for the movement of goods, via smog causing trucks, the cap & trade program sought and receives, funds from gross polluters, which is to be reinvested back into the communities they are polluting. 

All is Fair in Love and Politics

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Mystery solved.  In yesterday’s “blind item” we discussed 35th Senate District candidate, Steve Bradford, failing to secure the endorsement of assembly members Autumn Burke (AD 62) and Mike Gipson (AD64).  Not only does he have to fend off Warren Furutani but also a true environmentalist that has stepped up to the plate.  Will this new […]


Compton residents respond to the mayors first State of the City

Will Compton residents receive all of their money back from this production?  With growing dissent among the City of Compton residents, they remain divided on their perceptions of Mayor Aja Brown’s first two years in office.  They are forced to make a tough decision.  Believe their own eyes or succumb to the mayor’s vision?  From […]


AB 32 helps low-income communities go solar

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Rose Pinkney can sleep well at night knowing she is saving 80% on her electric bill. Due in part to AB 32, Ms. Pinkney is projected to save an estimated $39,000 over the next 30 years. How is she achieving that? She has gone solar and so can some of you.


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