Survey: Are you happy with your union representation

unions-strongInglewood- Are unions necessary?  That is a question this author ponders regularly.  As a member of a union, I was not happy during our organizations latest contract negotiations.  Employees lost arbitration but no one was laid off.  Teachers fought their union, over how dues are spent, to the nations highest court- and lost.  Walden University Doctoral candidate Seth Francois is conducting a survey on how our unions leadership builds trust with its members.

Invitation to Participate
The purpose of this quantitative correlational study is to examine the relationship between union members’ perceptions of union leadership consideration, union members’ perceptions of leadership initiation of structure, and union members’ perceptions of leadership trust.
The survey is 15-to 25 minutes.  Your participation is greatly appreciated and the survey is strictly confidential. Participant’s personal information will be kept private. Please go to the following link and see if you qualify to participate.
If you meet the following criteria you will be permitted to participate: (a) older than 18 years of age, (b) work in a union job paying dues to the union, (c) have been a member of the union for a year or more, (d) live in the United States, and (e) are able to provide consent to participate. Again, I would encourage your participation.
Seth Francois
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Student
Walden University

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