Stop Selling Dreams

campaign seasonAnother campaign season is upon us.  2014.  Many familiar faces, prominent political family names, all fundraising to move into higher offices or are first time candidates.  Many of them highlight things they do.  They have worked with charities.  They host and/or attend community events.  They take pictures next to the right people.  How many of them can say they are policy makers?

Which candidate(s) have drafted and implemented a sound policy that is significant in their respective capacity to warrant being elected?  When we complain about things not changing in urban communities, it is because we vote for a name as opposed to a record.  A record validated through conditions in our neighborhoods and districts changing drastically both aesthetically (visually) and economically which ultimately creates jobs and safety.

If your community isn’t currently safe, thriving financially, education is lacking, your streets are tore up, buildings and lots sit vacant, ask yourself, why should I vote for them?  If you are ineffective locally, how can you help us regionally?

Here is a homework assignment and hopefully you will participate.  Research a current candidate and comment on what you find in terms of the policies they have crafted, championed and passed, in their community.  How effective are they in their current capacity?  Let’s educate each other to get better results in 2014.

This scene from one of my all-time favorite Eddie Murphy films, Distinguished Gentleman, pretty much sums it up.


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I am a lifelong Inglewood resident living in District 4. I serve on PTA and School Site Council as Vice-President, for the last 8 years with Inglewood Unified School District. I volunteer on the Wellness Committee for ICEF Public Schools. I am an alumni of California State University, Dominguez Hills with a degree in Political Science. You can find me on Twitter under @CreoleMommie

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