State Controller’s office quietly audits city of Compton

City of Compton insiders have confirmed the State Controllers office is preparing to issue a final report on the city’s finances within weeks.  2UrbanGirls has received a copy of the preliminary report and City Manager Cecil Rhambo confirmed its authenticity.  Betty Yee’s office details a laundry list of issues with the city’s money, which tie to an employees ability to steal nearly $4 million of taxpayers dollars.

2UrbanGirls has reported continuously over the past four years on the city councils failure to be more transparent with the finances and establish reform in the Finance Department.

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The only individual to have continuous contact with the finances, outside of the carousel of city managers and controllers, is City Treasurer Doug Sanders.

2UrbanGirls has revealed the contentius relationship between Sanders and City Manager Cecil Rhambo over who will watch cameras installed in the treasurers office.

According to the affidavit filed in the embezzlement case against ex-deputy treasurer Salvador Galvan,  Sanders told investigators he is the only person authorized to accss the accounting software the city uses outside of work via a VPN network.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Gilda Blueford says:

    I would like to see full public disclosure surrounding the spending of public funds by all the Councilmembers. I am interested in the spending habits of the Council through past and present City Managers. Not just the Mayor, the Treasures office, but all Districts and Mayor. How is money coming in and going out to the council? How businesses are secretly assisting councilmembers with ‘campaign contributions.’ I would like to have a systems analyst evaluation on the hiring practices of the city…including and especially the City Manager. I hope the state audits, subpoenas, and prosecutes. Otherwise, this is another misuse of taxpayer funds.

  2. ARTRA WYNN says:

    You forgot to tell the are also auditing the Compton unified school district.

  3. Robert Ray says:

    I hope they report on Measure “P” also. There was a court order to NOT spend any Measure “P” money, but they spent it anyway.

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