State administrator addresses safety plan for Inglewood schools

IUSDKTLA reported an Inglewood student alleges a male Hispanic attempted to lure her in his vehicle in front of an Inglewood school, during the week of March 28, 2016.  2 Urban Girls has been in contact with state administrator Dr. Vincent Matthews, who is working closely with IUSD school police and local authorities to alert the community.

The nine-year old attends Woodworth Elementary School but was near Monroe Middle School when approached by the man driving a blue van.

2 Urban Girls contacted teachers at Monroe Middle school, who say notification was not issued.  Parents were also left in the dark.

Reached by email Sunday morning, state trustee Dr. Vincent Matthews stated the district is working in unison with the Inglewood Police department, who is assisting with the investigation.

2 Urban Girls inquired if the district will increase the number of IUSD school police, to which Dr. Matthews replied they are working to hire new officers.

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