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In case you missed it, Betty Pleasant released a special edition Soulvine yesterday where she discussed the alleged racism of former mayoral candidate Kevin James.  This wouldn’t be news if he weren’t currently on Eric Garcetti’s team as a supporter/consultant and apparently pitching a talk show with him and Jan Perry as co-hosts.  Do both Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry need to reconsider working with Kevin James?  Is the latter an attempt to counter the “he’s a racist” talk by teaming up with Perry?   Her regularly scheduled Soulvine will still appear in this Thursday’s edition.

Posted: Monday, May 6, 2013 10:53 am

Repudiate him!

By Betty Pleasant, Contributing Editor Los Angeles Wave

This is an early and extra Soulvine column I am compelled to write because things that have been televised and published about the mayoral campaign during the past week have made me incensed and if I don’t hurry up and put my five cents into this mess, my head will surely explode.

This current bit of mayoral madness began after Wendy Greuel’s campaign sent out mailers revealing that former mayoral candidate Kevin James launched a series of hateful, racist verbal and written attacks on African-Americans and Latinos while he was a conservative radio talk show host and insulted and demeaned the one person in this country we Blacks and browns revere the most — President Barack Obama. The Greuel campaign revealed that the Republican James compared President Obama to the notorious Nazi sympathizer Neville Chamberlain and wrote an offensive article asserting that President Obama should appoint the cartoon character Daffy Duck to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter because Daffy Duck has all the qualifications Obama favors among people: the duck “is Black, is disabled, is from Hollywood and is a professional victim.”  (To quote Daffy Duck, “This is despicable!”)

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