Did you see the space shuttle?

 Unless you live under a rock, the big news this weekend was the Space Shuttle Endeavour rolling down Manchester and Crenshaw Blvd’s.  It was a sight to see.  I for one, had zero intentions of sitting outside all night to watch the shuttle move at a snail’s pace towards its new retirement home.  But I did manage to make my way over to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles where the shuttle began its descent upon Inglewood.  The streets where full of happy people and not so great drivers.  Through it all, there was no melee, no ignorant folks ruining this great event and the cities of Inglewood and Los Angeles exhibited class and decorum as they shuttle was delayed and crawled along.  News reports state that thousands of residents lined the streets to welcome the shuttle.  It seemed surreal.  Now lets see how this momentum translates to ticket sales once the official exhibit opens at the California Science Center (CSC).  I definitely plan on paying my money to check this out.  I hope that many of the same people who flocked the streets til the wee hours of the morning, will also, pay for the exhibit as the CSC intends for you to do.  Now if the Board of Directors could only breathe some life back into CAAM…then my trip to Exposition Park will be complete!

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Ticket information for Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibit which opens on 10/30/12

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