South LA councilman attempts to deceive Latino voters

Councilman Curren D. Price Jr. is getting desperate and appears to be buying his seat this go round.  He has also found an ally in his former challenger, Ana Cubas.  Devastated by the LA Times endorsing his opponent, Jorge Nuno, Price released an endorsement email from Ana Cubas. Citing his “investment” in immigration services of $1 million dollars of discretionary funds, Cubas knew about the councilman’s “intent’ before his colleagues and the public.  What wasn’t reported was the Black Alliance for Just Immigration also received $25,000.

2 Urban Girls initiated a public records request to the councilman’s office regarding the “offering”.  They replied with a motion, dated February 24th, the day after Cubas’ email endorsement.

Council districts discretionary fund expenditures don’t have to be authorized by the full council, only certain funds do.  For clarity on which funds were being used and whether council needed to approve Curren’s million dollar donation, on top of the $10 million earmarked for legal services by the city, 2 Urban Girls reached out to the city clerk’s office, who provided this response:

Expenses out of Council District 9’s Public Benefits Trust Fund only requires the Councilmembers approval and does not require approval by the full City Council.
Expenses out of the Council District 9’s Real Property Trust Fund requires full approval of the City Council
Expenses out of General City Purposes (GCP) only requires the approval of the Councilmember except for allocations to for-profit organizations that exceed $10,000.  These allocations to for-profit organizations require the approval of the full City Council.
Curren Price is using funds from AB1290 accounts designed for funding redevelopment and community services.  NBC reported in February 2010 that city council voted to put $12 million of those funds into an emergency reserve.
The motion authorized the city clerk to create documents, make corrections to where to get the funds and allow him authority to execute those contracts.  Will this happen before March 7th?
A public records request is still pending re:  AB1290 fund balance and dates contracts will be written/executed and checks cut.
Below you will find links to the councilman motion and his 2016 expenditures.
His motion seeks to fund the very same services the city is already funding for immigrants re: screening, application assistance, case review, consultants and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
City council will vote on Price’s motion this Friday, March 3rd.

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