Soulvine Recap for November 21, 2013: Lynn Dymally, Skyy Fisher and Mae Thomas

We missed Betty Pleasant last week!  This week her popular Soulvine column is back in this weeks edition of the Los Angeles Wave newspaper.  Here are some snippets you might enjoy that focus on individuals connected to the City of Compton.

On Lynn Dymally, current appointee to the Water Replenishment District, but also a former long-term Compton School Board trustee who along with her colleagues, led Compton Unified into financial ruin and state takeover.

I TOLD YOU SO — Hold onto your hats. Here’s another piece of disturbing, but not surprising news: That Lynn Dymally person who, on a hummer, was recently named to fill a seat on the Water Replenishment District of Southern California’s Board of Directors, is featured in a flier touting Chris Armenta, one of the two candidates running against Sebastian Ridley-Thomas for the 54th Assembly District. The flier reads: “Lynn Dymally and Los Angeles Civil Rights Coalition Leaders say vote for (that C.A. person), claiming that “He’ll fight for Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream.” Oh shut up!!

On Skyy Fisher, current Compton School Board trustee.

AH, COMPTON — Compton school board member Skyy Fisher came under fire following his DUI arrest last week. Compton NAACP President Paulette Simpson Gipson called for Fisher’s resignation at a press conference Tuesday. She said the Compton school board member “continues to be a disgrace and embarrassment to the city of Compton, its residents and children. Last year, he used a homophobic slur to describe slain Florida youth Trayvon Martin. Now our school board member is driving around drunk. That’s inexcusable. The NAACP, along with parents and community organizations are demanding that Fisher resign immediately in the best interests of our children and community. He can no longer serve effectively or be taken seriously.”

Finally, Betty Pleasant asks a very poignant question about another Compton School Board Trustee.

My question is this: What about Mae Thomas?

Read the full Soulvine column by clicking here.

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