Something is rotten in Denmark, oops, Inglewood

Last night, the Inglewood Unified School District held two public hearings regarding negotiations with the Union.   The purpose of the hearing was to “sunshine” the District’s proposal.There was some confusion regarding why negotiations are taking place.  On March 27, 2013, the District requested negotiations with the Union.  Click here to see the letter.  The letter was sent to the Union office and the Chair, Jameer Ali.  However, the District did not include that letter on the agenda last night.  They only included the Union’s response.  Click here to see the agenda for the School Board meeting of April 17, 2013.
The Union must negotiate with the District per the contract.  We expect the worst in terms of the Districts proposal.  At the meeting the District was not specific regarding their proposal. However we have learned from the Teachers Union that they are requesting a 15% pay cut from them.  Click here to sign ITA bargaining matters flyer for more details.
Currently, the Teachers are not negotiating with the District due to the agreement they signed with Kent Taylor. We understand the District is attempting to break that deal.
My opinion:
When I asked Chris Graeber why the ITA wants the initial agreement upheld he states, “…because it has not been ruled invalid…we are just as concerned because lay-offs that have taken place; CDC, Head Start, Adult Ed and Hillcrest have been mainly classified employees, not teachers.”
It’s too bad that the State has to uphold no-bid contracts that the advisory board made before the State assumed control over IUSD.
It’s too bad the State must uphold cuts and layoffs (Adult School, Head Start and Continuation) that where previously on the table for removal by the advisory board before the State assumed control over IUSD.
What’s really too bad is the State will not uphold an agreement that former State appointee, Kent Taylor made with the union?  When Kent Taylor came on board he specifically told the community and staff that he was authorized to make decisions since the State appointed administrator was both judge and jury, I mean, Superintendend and Board, so why is the negotiations he made with ITA not being upheld?  Probably because he was actually looking out for the district in which he matriculated through.  That was Tom Torlakson‘s key selling point of appointing Taylor that he was “one of our own having went to Inglewood schools”.  By the way, how much longer before we receive the fiscal recovery plan from FCMAT?
Wednesday’s board meeting approved payment for the FCMAT which is not to exceed $175k, to perform a study of the district.  It is key to note that key evaluations have taken place, but based on their timetable, FCMAT still has nothing to report, probably because the payment wasn’t authorized.  Once the report is complete, it will give IUSD a more clear outlook as to how long to expect the state to be in place.   At $800 a day, per person, who’s interest does it serve to not release the report on schedule?
The following schedule outlines the planned completion dates for key study milestones:
Orientation: February 13,2013
Governance:  February 27,28 and March 1,2013
Facilities: March 7,8, 18, 19 and 20,2013
Personnel: March 5,6 and 7, 2013
Financial: March 4 – 8,2013
Pupil Achievement:  February 25 – March 1,2013, Preliminary
Report Submitted:  To be determined
Final Report Submitted:  To be determined
Board Presentation:  To be determined
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