Should the union train bad teachers

UTLAMany teachers enjoy the comfort of early dismissal and/or no school at all for teachers trainings.  For all of those “training” days and out of area conferences, wouldn’t one expect that the teachers are learning better ways to engage their students?  Why do the same teachers go to the same trainings, year after year, and test scores remain unchanged?

The LA Times fought long and hard to get a court to agree to make public the LAUSD teachers performance evaluations.  Don’t stop there.  Inglewood parents could benefit from knowing how our teachers perform.  Many teachers don’t care since those evaluations don’t translate into raises or reprimands for that matter.  It makes you wonder if the LA Times is receiving money from the Walton Foundation to print these articles and/or make public records requests to reveal teachers performance evaluations?

As the times is preparing to release the data, many are calling on the unions to step up and train those who are falling behind.  Isn’t that what the unions are for, looking out for one another?  They know all too well which teachers aren’t about shit so why not setup special trainings for them?  I mean the union doesn’t even make sure teachers show up to work on time, teachers call out sick then show up at public meetings the same day.

The Walton Foundation is already against unions for their own employees.  If the foundation  continues to invest in education, how long before unions in the school are non-existent due in part to the assistance they are receiving from the LA Times to get rid of teachers?

L.A. teachers union urged to improve training for bad teachers

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