Should the city of Compton replace its Successor Agency Director

alameda2In September 2008 the Los Angeles Times revealed the city of Compton entered into an agreement with a crook named Tyrone Freeman.  The deal culminated with the development of the Alameda Court housing development.  The now defunct LONG TERM CARE HOUSING CORPORATION was given city owned land, for $1, and the city is being asked to forgive millions owed on this same land.  

Former Redevelopment Agency director KOFI SEFA-BOAKY, now over the Successor Agency, submitted a request to city council in 2008, to investigate the activities surrounding the loan, citing the LA Times article.  Fast forward to 2016 and now he is requesting loan forgiveness for the developers.

In 2010 it was reported Sefa-Boakye was placed on administrative leave due to “questionable practices” of how he was running the department.

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Sefa-Boakye has helped a development company attached to Danny Bakewell receive loan forgiveness on millions owed to the city and council is prepared to wipe another couple of millions off the books.

How can the city be hurting for cash, to the point they would rather residents increase taxes they pay, as opposed to ensuring developers pay back loans funded by taxpayers?

Perhaps council should be considering a new director of the Successor Agency.

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    Last night the council did not forgive that loan, but there was no mention of Kofi. Everything that man gets involved in eventually will cost the city millions of dollars. He should have been gone years ago.

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