Should City of Lancaster Mayor be recalled for his Racial Profiling Tactics

untitledCity of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris set the stage for the U.S. Department of Justice to recently demand Los Angeles County, Lancaster and Palmdale pay a total of $12.5 million to residents who the federal government found were victims of harassment and intimidation in the Antelope Valley.

As the Housing Authority continues to make moves to “redevelop” outdated housing projects, many wonder where do the displaced residents go while the construction takes place?  Many of the residents take their families, pets and Section 8 vouchers to the Antelope Valley.

As the city began to see mass influx of “assumed” gang bangers and their vicious pets, City of Lancaster Mayor Parris went on a war path.  He does not hold his tongue for his disdain of gang members and their vicious dogs and has gone to great lengths to secure ordinances against pit bulls and helped further stereotype owners of pit bulls as potential gang members.  Parris’ intentions were to “deliberately” harass those who is in the vicinity of the dog.  Those against the ordinance cited that the ordinance would create profiling of residents but the ordinance was unanimously approved.

The LA County Sheriff’s department provides contract services to the AV.  Sheriff officers would regularly accompany housing officials during Section 8 inspections and routinely perform searches without cause.  At times the officers would show up in full SWAT gear.

However, with the recent increase in the number of pit bull attacks on residents, are the measures taken by Mayor Parris just?  Animal control officers and residents point to the outrageous number of dogs pushed out of cars and abandoned and left to roam the streets.

In 2011, of all dog bites recorded in the U.S. 71% of them were attributed to a pit bull.  Statistics are not yet available for the number of attacks in the Antelope Valley.


The residents complained and the DOJ listened.  Ordering the County, Lancaster and Palmdale to pay for the outright blatant abuse of powers against those on public assistance, is little relief to the residents.  Of course, Mayor Parris is refusing to pay.  “If the county wants to pay millions, let them do it, but Lancaster isn’t going to pay 10 cents of it,” Parris said.

Do you think Mayor Parris is just in his actions to attempt to save lives while simultaneously violating the civil rights of the residents?

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