Senator Isadore Hall off to Mexico

Isadore Hall, III (D- Compton)

Isadore Hall, III (D- Compton)

Is this how you want your campaign contributions spent?  Fresh off listening to African-American protestors discuss their loss of jobs to illegal immigrants, Senator Isadore Hall III (D-Compton), is off to Mexico, with seven other Democrat senators.  

The press release issued by Senator Kevin de Léon’s office, proclaimed the cost of the (4) day jaunt will be paid from either the senators personal funds or campaign funds.  Any guess which one Hall used?

The trip is designed to discuss climate change and protecting the environment.  With the amount of money Sen. Hall takes from oil companies, calculates Hall has received over $80,000 in campaign contributions from companies involved in fracking, why the hell is he on a trip promoting the protection of the environment?

LA Weekly previously confirmed, in September 2014, how Hall spends his campaign funds at strip bars, which is shocking in itself but now using them on a vacay to Mexico?

Clearly he is there to woo the Latino vote for the upcoming congressional race against the true environmentalist Nanette Barragán.

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  1. says:

    It is sad when politicians seems to cater to big businesses. For me the biggest issue in Compton is lack of good paying jobs, not Walmart, and economic development. As I see more and more Compton going down as how South LA did. It makes me wonder who is actually for bringing the Compton middle class back and bringing Compton to the city many of our parents once knew.

    Any politicians who want the Latino vote might fight for education, good paying jobs and supporting new businesses that hires educate latinos. A lot of my young latino neighbors are going to college. They are also a big purcahsing power.

    • Admin says:

      Sounds like the congressional race between Isadore and Nanette Barragán will be an indicator if people are really fed up or will put Hall in yet another seat to continue the dysfunction in the area.

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