Senator Isadore Hall doesn’t care about our children’s health

hallInglewood Unified School District (IUSD) is heading into the final stretch of the 2014-15 school year.  State Trustee Dr. Don Brann continues to make positive strides to reduce the deficit and increase attendance, yet, there are still ways to go.  In the meantime, it has been reported that communication between IUSD and City Hall, has deteriorated.  They mayor has since had to hire a liaison to work on his behalf to restore relations with IUSD.

There is a long troubled history between the two dating back to the late 90’s.  IUSD and City Hall entered into a joint agreement to drill for oil, on the campus of Morningside High School, which yielded water, not oil.

IUSD v City of Inglewood has been on the city council agenda for over a decade.

As the financial state of IUSD deteriorated, IUSD school board members made several appearances at city council meetings, seeking assistance to stave off the inevitable.  IUSD was consistently denied.  A short time later, IUSD would go into state receivership.

Rumors of Inglewood Mayor James Butts’ wanting to have IUSD sell off certain properties were confirmed at a recent Town Hall meeting for District 2 councilman Alex PadillaInglewood Today and Los Angeles Wave have also reported on the mayor’s desires to sell school assets. The meeting was explosive.

Mayor Butts presented why he wanted the property at Morningside High School to be sold, with State Trustee Dr. Don Brann countering that it was not up for discussion.  The community doesn’t want the property sold either.

Many in Inglewood believe the SB 533 loan functions as most loans do.  You pay it off and the district is returned to local control. That is not the case.  Other conditions must also be met before local control can be returned.  In theory, it would take another passage of legislation to undo key components of SB 533.

Senator Isadore Hall didn’t make matters better requesting an audit of IUSD in April. Hall continues to demonstrate he votes, or doesn’t vote, based on his campaign donors wishes.  He has a history of doing so.

In June 2013 then Asm. Holly Mitchell introduced AB 1323 which would have placed a fracking moratorium in the Baldwin Hills/View Park area.  Of course her colleagues Isadore Hall, Steve Bradford and Reggie Jones-Sawyer voted against this.  As a result, how many earthquakes have occurred in the same area, in recent months?

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Last month, another key bill graced Hall’s presence in the form of SB 203, the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Safety Warning Act, which aimed to place warning labels on soda cans.  Senator Holly Mitchell voted in favor with Hall abstaining.  I don’t know who Isadore Hall works for but it sure isn’t on behalf of children.

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Vote NO for Isadore Hall for Congress in 2016.

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