Save money on on-line shopping using Groupon Coupons

Disclosure; this is a sponsored post!

Lately I have taken advantage of the many Groupon Coupon offers delivered to my emails inbox.  One of my favorite stores to shop is Macy’s.  Have you tried Groupon Coupon’s before?  They are super easy to use and Macy’s currently has 136 for you to choose from.

Groupon Coupons can be used both in the store and on-line.  

I normally use my Groupon Coupons at the Macy’s in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Macy’s most popular promo is back featuring 30% off for friends and family.  Pay close attention to excluded items that this coupon code doesn’t cover.  I used this coupon to pre-order some new Kenneth Cole wedges. I saved over $30.00.

Next I went over to the makeup counter to order some hard to find body lotions.  The Groupon Coupon allowed me to order in the store and receive 10% off the purchase price and free delivery to the address of my choosing.  I get my packages delivered to work.

Because Summer is right around the corner, I had to get me a gym membership to keep up this girlie figure.  Groupon Coupons has 17 coupon codes for 24 Hour Fitness to get you the body of your (summer) dreams.

Still a little light on cash to take advantage of these special Groupon Coupon offers?  The site also offers specials to file those late tax returns.  Turbo Tax is offering 10% off filing fees with their Groupon Coupon offer.

What are you waiting for?  Give Groupon Coupons a try!



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