Review: 4th Annual Western Awareness Conference

1157482_548776048523493_1016809073_nThanks to Miss Professor KG, 2UrbanGirls was able to attend the 4th Annual Western Awareness Conference (WAC) hosted by Home Grown Radio with sponsorship from ASCAP and KJLH.  The event was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 28th and 29th.  The goal of the conference is give emerging artists key information on how to navigate the music business with panel discussions from those in various aspects of entertainment.

2UrbanGirls attended a couple of panels on Saturday, #HipHop101 and #TheProducerSuite .

#HipHop101 panel (photo: Urban Girl Media)

#HipHop101 panel (photo: Urban Girl Media)

#HipHop101 set the tone for differentiating between “commercial” music versus “Hip Hop”.  Commercial music is what you hear on rotation, every hour on your favorite hip hop oriented station.  Commercial music usually has no lyrical substance but has a slamming beat.  Commercial music is based on what the record company wants put out, not the artist.  Hip Hop is remaining true to your craft, and putting out music you feel good about.  Hip Hop is normally not in heavy rotation on the radio air waves.  This makes a platform like Home Grown Radio important to the indie artist.  The panel included Rosevelt, C-Nice, Frank Nitty, L’Daialogue & Jerz. Prod.

Miss Professor KG and #TheProducerSuite panel (photo: Urban Girl Media)

Miss Professor KG and #TheProducerSuite panel (photo: Urban Girl Media)

#TheProducerSuite is the single most important panel you want to attend if you have ANY ideas, dreams or fantasies about being in the music business.  Miss Professor KG is your moderator and the panel included producers:  Willie B from TDE (Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and Wale), Epik (Wacka Flaka and A$AP Rocky), Knotch (New Boyz, Ray J, Chris Brown and Keyshia Cole), Paul Cabbin and music publisher Future.

I don’t want to give away any tips, but you will find out the difference between deals, how to register yourself and your work and most importantly how to track those payments.  Follow @MazeratiKG on twitter for future #TheProducerSuite seminars.  If you are out of the state, #TheProducerSuite is also available through streaming.

This was a first seeing what goes on behind the scenes to educate those up and coming.  With the amount of talent presenting from established producers and publishers, this is the networking event of a lifetime for those serious about their craft.  You must be willing to invest in yourself first.  This conference teaches you the most cost-effective and efficient manner to do so.  It was especially inisightful the amount of talent that came out to support the conference.  It’s always great to see positive, black men, giving back.

2UrbanGirls is looking forward to the 5th Annual Western Awareness Conference.  Get more details by visiting their website here.

Special shout out to Miss Professor KG for securing the passes and Chuck Dizzle from Home Grown Radio for a secure and awesome event!


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