Rest In Peace Michael “MayorSam” Higby

mayorsamToday was a sad day for 2 Urban Girls. We learned of the loss of one of our favorite political bloggers, MichaelMayor SamHigby. He was a beacon of political light and he was shining a huge flashlight on the City Clowncil, as he affectionately calls them. I learned via a tweet from Zuma Dogg and confirmed on Joseph Mailander’s timeline. None of us have met in “real” life, we met through social media. We all have different styles, focuses, knowledge and education levels but we have a penchant for engaging in political banter that I love being a part of.
Rarely do you “meet” people who you look forward to hearing from and reading what they wrote next. I know Mailander has tea on his balcony over a cocktail and jazz album at the same time daily. Mayor Sam loves tacos and Joselito’s and giving @EdnaPinky a hard time during her school hours. And Zuma Dogg will write a song about it.

Occasionally Mailander can be the affable recluse he is, occasionally coming out of hibernation to bark but I can count on learning something from him.

On the other hand, the Mayor Sam/Scott Johnson duo provides some of the most colorful political commentary in Los Angeles County. From his apropos descriptions of former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, to “Meat” Trujillo. Calling councilman Herb Wesson “Mini Amin” and his political soul brother Jose Huizar and the infamous CLARTS investigative story during Huizar v Molina. Mayor Sam kept you glued to your smartphone/iPad.

I recall a day during Huizar v Molina and Edna and I were looking for him and I told her he was probably busy writing a three part expose he promised. As we publicly pondered, he came up for air, and via a twitter shout out said “hey”.

He also loved him some Betty Pleasant.  Many days he would ask me “what would Betty do”?  He was also proud when she told Phil Jennerjahn to tell him to “kiss her black ass”.  I had real tears stream down my face when he told me that.

The last time we heard his voice was a couple of weeks ago on the Randy Economy show.

I’m gonna miss his political briefs, our twitter chats and I thank him for being one of my first interviews.

His spirit will live on in the Mayor Sam archives.  My favorite Mayor Sam post.

Rest easy my friend.

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