Puttin’ Inglewood Up on the Map

Filmed in the City of Inglewood aka City of Champions by an Inglewood Sentinel…FOE LIFE!!!

How many Inglewood landmarks can you name?  To the older viewers, what you think?

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  1. PDQ says:

    I think the Chamber of Commerce should use this as a marketing tool to lure businesses to Inglewood, don’t you?

    • UrbanGirl says:

      Is there an Inglewood Chamber of Commerce?

      • PDQ says:


        Ummmm….yeah, there is actually an Inglewood Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps you’ve heard of a new fangled invention called “Google” (?) It’s part of the “Internet”. If you haven’t heard of Google, you might want to check it out.

        So now we know that you have no knowledge of the business community in town, and we know that you don’t do your research.

        I found your site through a friend and was really excited because I thought you represented a news source that was honest, well researched and who could be trusted. Now I’m thinking that you’re no better than Inglewood Today.

        We need a credible, reliable news source in this town. The LA Times and the Daily Breeze aren’t it. The Wave and the Sentinel aren’t it. Inglewood Today isn’t it.

        If you’re going to shoot to be a credible news source, you need to get your act together.

        • UrbanGirl says:

          Come now. I surely know there is an Inglewood COC. Its too bad I wasn’t able to attend their recent installation of officers, however, I am considering attending the golf tournament fundraiser. I also made sure that CA State Assembly candidate, LeFrancis Arnold, former President of the CA Association of Realtors, was present at the installation. I hear he was well received.

          I wish they were more visible in the community promoting the value of bringing your business to Inglewood.

          Urban Girl

  2. That’s the Forum, city hall and former Judge Roosevelt Dorn.

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