Poor Danny Bakewell Sr…NOT

Danny Bakewell Sr.

There are certain little things that life offers that really make my world go ’round.  The most important little thing in my life is the ability to read and comprehend.  As a child I loved to read.  Novels, periodicals, almanacs and especially newspapers.  There is nothing like turning the pages and having that ink smeared across your fingers.  Back in the day, my favorite part of the paper was the Metro section.  This is the section that pertained to local news, while the front page and “A” section was dedicated to more world/international content.  While the LA Times was all I was interested in reading, there where smaller papers, who were minority owned.  Those where the Los Angeles Wave and the LA Sentinel.  Both papers are based in the 8th District in Los Angeles, and they both covered similar territory. 

I can’t tell you how many days I couldn’t wait to get home, on Thursday night, to read the Wave, especially the Soulvine (I loves me some Betty Pleasant).   But as the budget crisis started to affect all industries, my familiar paper was no longer being delivered, to residential neighborhoods in Inglewood.   First the LA Times goes up to $0.75 and is 1/2 its size, but now NO wave newspaper?  What was I gonna do?   I placed calls to the Wave inquiring on where the papers where, and they explained that due to budget cuts, they would be reducing their delivery routes.  Bummer, now I would have to read on the internet.  So imagine my surprise today, October 11th, when I pulled up to the house and saw the rolled up, soggy newspaper in the driveway.

I couldn’t get out the car fast enough.  Where my eyes deceiving me?  Where my prayers answered and the Wave received an influx of advertising revenue? Hell NO!  It was the doggone LA Sentinel.  I immediately thought, someone must have dropped this, but the last time I checked, the grocery stores carry the paper flat, not rolled.  I saw another rolled up paper across the street.  I sprinted over to see if the Sentinel was a fluke.  Aren’t they $0.35?  No way are they giving them away.  Sure enough, it was a Sentinel.

Since I went through the trouble of pilfering my neighbors paper, I better had read it.  Front page didn’t move me too much, okay its in color while the Wave is in black & white.  Big deal, the LA Times used color on weekends only.  But what startled me was the 2nd page.  A full-page ad, by Danny Bakewell himself, begging residents to subscribe to his paper?  This guy helped push the Compton Bulletin to an internet only based paper, and now he is trying to do the same to the Wave?  He speaks of “preserving black media outlets” however, he is capitalizing off their struggles to make a bigger name for himself.  What makes The Sentinel think their paper is valuable enough, in our community, where we need to subscribe?

What do I know about Bakewell?  I know he owns a slew of properties in Compton that he refused to clean up, instead holding up the Burlington Coat Factory deal to strong-arm the City of Compton into paying for repairs, that he should have been responsible for.  This is also the same “Bakewell” in Turner-Bakewell, a construction firm that managed to win the contract to build the newly redesigned La Tijera School for the IUSD.  Inglewood Unified School District appropriated $22 million in Measure K funds for the project.  With umpteen change orders,  provided by the firm, the final cost came in at $37 million.

This man makes a living hoarding his money and getting taxpayers to pay for his projects.   In short, HELL NO should residents pay for a subscription to the LA Sentinel.  Unless Bakewell can produce an act of God and wrangle Betty Pleasant away from the Wave, I would suggest anyone willing to pay for the Sentinel, should instead send their money to the Wave.

By the way, the Wave is celebrating their 100th anniversary!

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