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Just Asking – Is Compton Mayor Out of the “Woods”?

By Basil Kimbrew @ 5:00 PM April 02, 2013
Re “Compton Smells Like a Financial Skunk”


Compton Mayor Eric Perrodin has been busted. His best friend gets $2.5 million to hold a camera. When KCET television investigated the contract of Mark Woods, Mayor Perrodin’s best friend from childhood, they discovered he is being paid $20K per month to hold a video camera.  He has had the contract for the past 10 years secretly, and has been paid close to $2.5 million.  After the story broke last week, it is said that the District Attorney’s Office has been notified accordingly.  The real question is:  How much of the $2.5 million has the mayor received?

The mayor complained over the salary of the City Manager, who receives less than the cameraman!  Isn’t is strange that the mayor asked for his friend’s contract to be extended yet again?

  • The money could have used to keep our employees from being fired.
  • The money could have been used to upgrade our fire equipment.
  • The money could have been used to fixed our streets.
  • The money could have been used for our Senior Center.
  • The money could have been used to trim our trees.
  • The money could have been used for our youth programs that have been cut.

Eric Perrodin deserves to be fired after three terms and 12 years.

Mr. Kimbrew may be contacted at California Friends of the African American Caucus,

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  1. HubLover says:

    you are a trip? who you calling a crook mr felon? you have nerve to say he is a thief and for the record, you have been convicted of helping candidates thieve. are you tellnig on yourself? LOSER!

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