Did you see the space shuttle?

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 Unless you live under a rock, the big news this weekend was the Space Shuttle Endeavour rolling down Manchester and Crenshaw Blvd’s.  It was a sight to see.  I for one, had zero intentions of sitting outside all night to watch the shuttle move at a snail’s pace towards its new retirement home.  But I did […]

Poor Danny Bakewell Sr…NOT

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There are certain little things that life offers that really make my world go ’round.  The most important little thing in my life is the ability to read and comprehend.  As a child I loved to read.  Novels, periodicals, almanacs and especially newspapers.  There is nothing like turning the pages and having that ink smeared […]


When Budget Cuts go Wrong

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A week or so ago, there was an officer involved shooting on Crenshaw Blvd. near 113rd St.  During a routine traffic stop, an Inglewood PD officer was shot by those he was pulling over.  That night was a normal evening.  As always, I stopped at the 76 station before heading home.  I feel particularly safe, […]

City of Inglewood Prepares for the Space Shuttle Endeavour

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Many of us remember the day Endeavour flew over Inglewood.  The ground started to shake, you could hear a rumbling from above and the kids at the nearby school where screaming with delight as the space shuttle took its final flight into LAX airport.  As a child I remember watching Challenger blow up before my […]

It Finally Happened

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 The Inglewood Unified School District has been taken over by the state. According to a distributed press release from Tom Torlakson’s (State Superintendent of Public Instruction) office, “…IUSD is the ninth school district to request an emergency loan…since 1990…only five have been returned to local governance…” Today we have learned that former Inglewood High School […]


Edward Vincent, Former Inglewood Mayor Dies **updated**

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Former City of Inglewood Mayor, Edward Vincent has died.  Although he was born in Ohio, Inglewood was home.  Mayor Vincent is a former IUSD School Board Member and represented the 4th District of Inglewood while serving on the City of Inglewood City Council. 

IUSD Makes Some Tough Decisions

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The IUSD School Board’s Special Meeting was standing room only. Teachers, some wearing ITA t-shirts, classified staff (nutrition workers and custodians), parents and community members, eagerly awaited the Boards vote on budget reduction measures.

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