Outrage Continues in Hawthorne over Max

Unsecured perimeter in Hawthorne, CA

Unsecured perimeter in Hawthorne, CA

Leon Rosby and Max were in Hawthorne being nosy like we all are when we see the police and/or fire trucks in our neighborhood.  Usually when the scene is tense, there is a wide perimeter setup to keep people at bay.  This can sometimes be up to two blocks away from the actual occurrence.

Neither video captured audio, but if the officers were fearful of Max, they should have insisted Rosby roll the windows up so Max couldn’t get out.  But no, they were hell-bent on arresting him for simply standing there observing.  Can we conclude the officers didn’t like Rosby considering he has filed numerous complaints against them?  When a person shoots another person as many times as that officer shot Max, it would legally be called a crime of passion.

City of Hawthorne remains under siege having to cancel tonight’s city council meeting, their website is down after a week, the officers have paid protection assigned to them and their families costing Hawthorne additional money and poor Mayor Juarez says his family can’t take the pressure of the phone calls.

Activists and the community are getting crunk over Max.  To be continued…

**we will take a moment of silence for the Hawthorne Police officer, Seg. Leonard Luna, who died yesterday evening while traveling on the I-105 freeway.  may he rest in peace**



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