Outgoing CUSD Governing Board Member says farewell

12208388_10153228881588443_6477306265287120666_nTHANK YOU all for the support you have given me over the last four years. We have accomplished some amazing things together while increasing student achievement.

We focused on the budget and committed to doing more with less. We increased the beatification of district facilities and created a plan for growth. We made every school wireless accessible and brought the Arts back into the schools. Vital programs and services to students were increased as well as admissions into 4-year universities/colleges. We also created a brand new high school where students can obtain a college degree at the same time as their high school diploma.

I purposely did not put forth a full campaign. Being in office has been tremendous sacrifice and strain on my health, family and friends. I am looking forward to the progress CUSD will continue to make in the coming years. I had the opportunity to speak with the Governing Board Member-Elect and I’m confident she will continue to build upon the work we started and expand what we finished. As this chapter of my service closes and another one opens, I am wishing you all the best!

Thank you so much!

Skyy D. Fisher
CUSD Governing Board Member

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  1. Lynn Boone says:

    Sky, I want you to know that I appreciate the service that you have provided as a CUSD Governing Board Member, it is so often that Elected Officials feel that once elected the people should serve them instead of serving the people, but in your case you have always put the children, parents,teachers,and Community first.As you continue on in life let this episode just be a learning experience for you, NO one on this Earth has the right to cast judgment on you or anyone,and please believe everyone is not your “Friend”. Friendship has to be earned and it doesn’t happen over night, but you’ll know when the person is a true Friend, just don’t rush it. You are a gifted Politician and I know when you are ready we will be hearing from you again.I believe in you and Take Care. Lynn Boone

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