Opinion: Is the criticism of President Trump on par with Reagan, Obama

The media is fascinated with President Donald Trump.  Between his twitter feed and attempts to implement travel bans, he leads the news on a daily basis.  He is making quite a bit of noise as a shrewd businessman that could have horrifying ramifications for people both domestic and abroad.  Past Presidents faced scrutiny but it is on par with what #45 is receiving?  Here to delve into the intricacies is friend of the blog, Joseph F. Mailander.  Mailander is a respected journalist who has worked on two presidential campaigns and written for several legacy media juggernauts including the LA Times and is an alumni of UCLA.

President Trump is facing much more criticism from legacy media than Obama and Reagan did, but there are three reasons for that. The top reason is that Trump did not win a plurality of votes but both Reagan and Obama did, and people in legacy media cities feel especially disenfranchised by the Democratic loss this time around. But an important second reason is that Reagan also was perceived to have resolved a crisis (the Iranian hostage crisis) the moment he came into office, and Obama faced an enormous crisis walking into the door, the financial crisis. But Trump comes to office in the middle of economic stability and as legacy media are rapidly declining in importance.

The third factor is that Hillary has operatives all over media and those operatives are continuing to show their loyalty for whatever reason. Most failed candidates are encouraged to go on significant retreat from the public eye after losing a big election, to allow new faces to emerge. Hillary has not done that, and every time she appears or even tweets and media pay her attention, it costs the Democrats more and more.

The final factor is certainly the Trump style of leading by counter punching. Media and even seasoned Democrats love to mock but are not used to anyone hitting back. It will take a while for them to realize how ineffective they are: when you’re a developer, you have been pummeled by media all your career, and you have found less-obvious ways to make media work for you too. Those less-obvious ways have been the key to Trump’s success, and I’m sure he’ll only continue to exploit them.

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