One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Breitburn Energy on Rosecrans Ave. (photo by Urban Girl Media)

Breitburn Energy on Rosecrans Ave. (photo by Urban Girl Media)

2UrbanGirls loves to spend money in the cities of Compton and Inglewood whenever possible.  Every Saturday I get up and head to the bank, occasionally driving out of my way to enjoy the ride and music blasting from my radio.

Last weekend I came across what looked like an abandoned oil field on Rosecrans Ave near Main St.  This lot is owned by BreitBurn Energy (BE).  BE goes around to cities, who used to have oil reserves, and are buying the non-functioning wells, and bringing in newer technology to extract the reserves left behind.  How many people wish they would have retained those rights, especially if there is still oil to extract?

photo courtesy of Urban Girl Media

photo courtesy of Urban Girl Media

The company boasts that one of their largest oil fields are located on Rosecrans. Inglewood and Compton both were rich in mineral reserves back in the day.  Compton can proudly call former U.S. President George H.W. Bush as a former resident.  Breitburn also owns an oil drilling site in Beverly Hills, just like current mayor of City of LA, Eric Garcetti.

Has the family who owned the Midland Park Water Trust ever looked into whether there is methane/oil on that site?  Especially since methane was discovered in a water well in Hawthorne?

[ Midland Park Water Trust ]

Here is a report on the California Oil Fields dating back to 1954 where it states that the Rosecrans field was located in LA County, but the address present date is Gardena?  Did LA County give it away thinking the oil was all gone?  There was lots of fighting over the space and ended up in litigation.

If companies have new ways of drilling, is Garcetti in for a potential windfallVenoco is the company Garcetti has partnered with, who also operates the drill on the campus of Beverly Hills High School.  During his campaign Garcetti strongly denied oil being extracted from the well on the school site, but it was extracting oil until 2011.  Is he another politician selling out for profit?  The key to remember is fracking is a SLANT drilling process so instead of drilling directly on the site, you can drill further away to reap the same benefit.

The debate over the wells died down, but the Beverly Hills City Council in 2011 adopted an anti-drilling ordinance that could stop Venoco’s operations at the high school when its lease expires at the end of 2016.

So technically Venoco isn’t drilling on the school site, but close enough for BHUSD to continue receiving up to millions of dollars in royalties.

photo courtesy of Urban Girl Media

photo courtesy of Urban Girl Media

Which of our politicians can we thank for giving our wealth to the County of Los Angeles?  Are they the same politicians who promised unions lifetime benefits upon retirement?  Seems like giving away the oil rights was a conniving way to deny certain cities the rights to prosperity.

No one has yet to answer why the Inglewood Oil Field is located in LA County and not Inglewood.  Did LA County meticulously carve out the “wealthy” parts of these urban areas for their own greedy purposes?


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