Omar Bradley wants you to know

photo courtesy of the LA Wave Newspaper

photo courtesy of the LA Wave Newspaper

The City of Compton is buzzing.  With recent allegations of corruption aimed towards the current councilmembers along with a nagging deficit and declining streets, the upcoming primary election is crucial for the residents.  Omar Bradley, former mayor of Compton wants his job back.  Residents have had an opportunity to compare the cities growth (decline) under current Mayor Eric Perrodin and many wonder if it wasn’t so bad after all when Mr. Bradley was on the dais.

Mr. Bradley does acknowledge he has made mistakes but, “…I am a wiser man now…” says Bradley while he is working hard to unite the residents, brown and black, to increase the peace.  A man who quotes from the bible, speaks in a hushed tone when describing his rise from the streets of Compton to becoming the cities mayor, he acknowledges the road was not paved in gold.

He speaks of the mounting tension of the last election he participated in against Perrodin, his decision to disband the Compton Police Department saying, “…crime in the city has steadily declined since the Sheriff’s came on board, the people are happy with their service and response time”.  Bradley reminded me that response time is crucial and critical to saving lives which the Sheriffs do rather well.

A graduate of Centennial Senior High School and receiving his undergraduate degree in Arts from California State University, Long Beach and Masters of Art degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills, Bradley is articulate, charismatic and intelligent.  He too is an example to the youth of Compton that they can educate themselves and make a decent living for themselves.  The youth can see that going to school is cool.  Although our Mayor is from our neighborhood we can go to college just like him.  If the residents of Washington DC saw fit to reelect Marion Barry for Mayor, based on his record and redemption, does Omar Bradley deserve the same?

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