Official City of Inglewood 2013 Election Results

city of inglewoodThe votes have been counted and certified and here is the official breakdown of votes for City of Inglewood candidates vying for seats in District 1 and District 2.  Approx. 5,300 residents voted.

MIKE STEVENS 1,282 (41.6%)

George Dotson 1,799 (58.3%)

 Total Votes Cast 3,081 99.9%

Member of the City Council–District 2

 JUDY DUNLAP 709 (31.7%)

 ALEX PADILLA 1,524 (68.2%)

Congratulations again to our new elected officials George Dotson and Alex Padilla.

Click here to read the official results posted on the City of Inglewood’s website.


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  1. Fit4Life says:

    Urban Girls:
    Small correction on an urban legend that this is Dotson’s fifth time running for City Council. It is his 3rd near as I can tell. He barely lost against Tabor his second time in the arena. He did not run for the seat Tabor vacated when he assumed the balance of Dorn’s Mayoral term. Steven’s ran against a very undistinguished field which included Jim Burt, “Big Money Griff”, Leroy Fischer, Elliot Petty and Felicia Ford.

    Stevens won the runoff against Elliot but only because of the support of then Mayor James Butts who endorsed him, gave him financial contributions, robo-called for him and walked door to door with Stevens. For his support, Stevens showed his lack of gratitude by quickly turning on the Mayor and aligning himself with Judy Dunlap in an attempt frustrate the Mayor’s economic development vision and make him look ineffective and perhaps a one-term mayor. Both were publicly and privately disrespectful of the Mayor. Looks like they underestimated his popularity and their own lack thereof.

    This is history in the City of Inglewood. Never before have two incumbents been bounced in the same election and never has a single incumbent lost his/her seat by double digit percentages. Both Stevens and Dunlap did. Stevens by nearly 17% and Dunlap lost better that 2 to 1. To gain some perspective as to the damage she has done over the years to Inglewood, see this Op-Ed piece by Mark Weinberg, former City Manager of Inglewood and San Bernardino.

    • Fit4Life says:

      One final fact that illustrates how devastating the run off was for Dunlap. She picked up a mere 58 votes of the 621 additional votes the candidates gathered in the run off (Dunlap 709 in the Run off/651 in the Primary) compared to Padilla’s 573 additional votes (1524 in the Run Off vs. 961 in the Primary). Padilla got 90.6% of the additional votes generated for both candidates in the Run Off, Dunlap a paltry 9.3% (yes that is NINE POINT THREE percent). I would say the people have spoken….Guess that Jean Davis endorsement didn’t do the trick for Dunlap.

      • UrbanGirl says:

        If I am not mistaken, Ms. Davis received around 100 votes and although Dunlap added an additional 58, the fact that Padilla picked up an additional 573 is mind boggling. He must have had tremendous success with getting first time voters out to the polls. Along with the fact that Dunlap has never really ran against any real competitive candidate it should really speak volumes to her that people are tired of her leadership. So much so Alex Padilla got them to vote for him. Had Dunlap been more visible in the community and helped turn Inglewood around by voting in a manner that suits all residents, she would have been voted back in office. Her district looks a mess with all of the former gas stations nothing but turned up dirt. Would that imply the land needs to be cleaned up? If so, why hasn’t she introduced Brownfield initiatives as Gardena has done? For the last twenty years she has done absolutely nothing to progress Inglewood. She can brag on saving homeowners on a special tax but what does that matter when they just taxed themselves to support a failing school district?

        Urban Girl

    • UrbanGirl says:

      Yes, it was Mr. Dotson’s third and he also lost by less than 100 votes. Inglewood residents didn’t let that mistake happen again. Stevens won because the residents were ready for someone different, unfortunately, Mr. Stevens time on the dais was not to the liking of his constituency. Let’s see if he attempts to make a run for it next go ’round. I’m sure he has plenty of signs left.

      What made this election so special was the amount of community support. You have multiple news sources to get information on candidates and issues, the audience hold adult conversations and as soon as we can get residents to financially back their candidate, even if its only $20, once they have made that initial investment, we will see voter participation rise.

      Definitely looking forward to a revitalized Inglewood. The first sign of progress was the demolition of the former halfway house on Century and Prairie! Now if we could only get Century paved and our traffic lights synced, I would be an even happier camper.

      Urban Girl

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