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A favorite political news blog of 2UrbanGirls focuses on the City “Clowncil” of Los Angeles, as affectionately called by Mayor Sam.   His news blog is titled “Mayor Sam’s Sister City: Home of L.A. Politics, and is one of the best for news on the City of Los Angeles.  Here is an excerpt snatched from his site.

Memories of the Past and Future:

You walk up a flight of stairs and emerge in the hallway near council chambers. A man at the far end of the hall sees you, waves and runs your way, holding up a briefcase.  As he approaches, you see he is wearing a $3,000 suit; you can smell the faint whiff of Charlie Sheen coming off him. Somehow he reminds you of a past mayor. He opens his mouth and the light reflecting off his beautiful white teeth nearly blinds you.  He flips open the briefcase. “Can I tell you about Herbalife?” he asks with zeal.

Noooooo! You run.
Your thoughts ………….

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