Amber Alert system needs retooling

imageFriday morning Angelenos awoke to the news of a child abduction in Boyle Heights.  The Amber Alert system failed on multiple levels by not reporting the proper age of the victim, a (2) hour delay of the CHP transmitting the information and most importantly, they reported the wrong color of the vehicle we where looking for.

Initial reports came in the little boy was (9) years old and it turns out he is actually (2).

KTLA Channel 5 was the first to report the (2) hour delay in the boards along the interstate being programmed to transmit data on the vehicle.  Once it started working, the alert went nationwide.


What is most frightening is when the car was eventually found, abandoned, it was an entirely different color vehicle.


If families are expected to rely on the Amber Alert system to get back their missing children, we expect accurate information be relayed to the public in a timely manner.

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